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Kari-On's Oh So Beary Cute

Ch Kari-On Dream'n At O-My

Kira Amundson


Robinson's Miss Happy Holly

Ch OPR-Hilltop Risky Business

Ch O-My's Kari-On Bustin' A Move

      Ch. Show Me's Dream Hi n Feel the Force

Ch Kuroi Kao Midnight At The Summit

 Kari-On's Me O-My at Dream Hi

Ch Hoshi Kaminari D'Alquin

Ch Mori's Mr Montana Yakedo

Ch Kiowa Kaminari Kuroi Kao

Ch Akiko's Unimpeachable Shichi-Opr

Ch Opr-Dune Flight of Fancy

 Kuroi Kao Show Me How U Doin'

Ch Kari-On's Chase'n The Cat

Ch O'PR JoJo Hana

​​Ch Akiko's Oyster Cracker

Ch Dream Hi's Must Be Doning Something Right CGC

BISS Ch Dream Hi's You Don't Know Jack AOM TT CGC

Royal's the Last Dance

 Dream Hi Vaca Valley's Victory Lap

Major Pointed

November 2021 - Championed

Retired to be a loved companion

Ch Akiko's Invincible

Ch Kuroi Kao Double Shot Of O'Granddad

Kari-On's Mistress of The Knight

 Ch Royal's Wanna Be A Cowboy

Sept 2, 2016

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Ch Blue-Rib'n's Kari-On In The Wind

Ch Akiko's Big Bear RN

Kobu's Kast Yr Vote Bearbrand

Ch Royal's Heavy Artillery

Ch Kuroi Kao The Power of Dreams